Why we don't use PVA

PVA glue for the building trades is basically the same as what you will find children at school playing with in their art classes. If you yourself used PVA when at school, can you remember how you removed it from your hands? Thats right, simply rinse and wash your hands with water! This is the fundermental problem with using PVA as a primer/sealer when tiling, we need a waterproof sealer that doesnt change properties when water gets into contact with it!

When gouting and spreading the wall with adhesive, water from the grout and adhesive will invariably come into contact with the sealant changing the property of PVA back to its sticky form which in turn will leave an inperfect bond between tile and the wall.

Some tilers dont even prime the walls with PVA which is very poor. At Nottingham Tiling we use a high quality water-based synthetic polymer suitable for priming, sealing or dustproofing surfaces prior to the application of tiles.

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Why we don't use PVA!

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